$88.00 USD

Aztec Birth Chart Reading

By providing your date, time, and place of birth, Vanessa will be able to identify the energies that were present at your time of birth. These energies provide insight into some of your attributes, as well as your challenges.

What you'll get:

  • Document with your Aztec Birth Chart
  • Recording of your video reading,

What People Are Saying:

Danny and Vanessa are AMAZING!!! I've watched their podcast for years and have learned a lot about the opposite sex in general, healing techniques and insights for myself and relationships. Helping me to see the others perspective with more neutrality and compassion. The work/gift this couple has to share with the collective is so needed right now. They provide a real, approachable and casual setting, different from the mainstream doctor professional setting. It's like talking to friends. And awesome to have mentors of both the masculine and feminine working together. If you are ready to go DEEP on a journey to heal and find your bliss, this is your couple! Also, it has been through Danny and Vanessa I connected with other amazing beings that have continued my expansion of consciousness, opening new portals and experiences for me in this life which led me back to Vanessa for Aztec readings and artwork. Everything has gone, and is, full circle, filled with sychronicities and MAGIC. Which started here. YES. YES. YES.

Cheryl Miller

I had my Aztec chart done by Vanessa and all I can say is “holy confirmation”! She really nailed it and she explained everything so well. I usually get so nervous with video calls but she just put me right at ease. She is kind, empathetic and SO knowledgeable. I highly recommend! Thank you so much Vanessa!

Faith Callahan