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RELATIONSHIP COACHING: Helping You Connect With Your Partner On A Deeper Level

Why Choose Us?

Vanessa & I have Been To Relationship Hell and Back!

We did everything that you could possibly do wrong in a relationship. We were both married before and had no idea we were carrying unhealthy patterns & habits from previous relationships as well as childhood traumas into this one...  some of the MOST painful experiences we suffered through in our relationship include:

Constant Disconnection & Fighting

Domestic Violence



Sex Addiction


Suicide Attempts

There is HOPE! You don't have to continue to live in relationship hell!

FINALLY... After YEARS of chaos, family interventions and failed couples therapy we were guided by a trusted friend to Sacred Psychedelic plant medicine, along with "shadow work" techniques. It took years of struggle and resistance to get the hang of the healing work but when we put those healing techniques to work in our lives and we began to experience:

Emotional INTIMACY

Increased Affection

Conscious Monogamy

Healthy Habits

Sacred Sexuality


Healthy Boundaries
Joy & Gratitude

Out of OUR suffering... Sovereign Love was born!

When our friends and family saw the transformation in Vanessa, myself and our relationship they wanted to know how we transformed ourselves! They started to come to us with THEIR relationship challenges... 


We then began to work with couples and started to see the same unhealthy patterns & core wounds that we experienced! So many couples have become comfortably numb in their misery...


It EXCITES US to see couples in pain!


Don't get me wrong, we don't enjoy seeing people in pain, we aren't sadists but until we heal ourselves the pain is there even if we don't consciously realize it, are distracting ourselves, or have numbed ourselves to it.

If we aren't EXPRESSING our pain, we are SUPPRESSING it.

Denial is a dangerous place for people in pain to be... there is no chance to heal until we are willing to face our issues. When we are struggling with depression or emotional pain the discomfort pushes us to heal! 


Even mainstream science has now proven that un-dealt with emotional pain becomes physical illness!
So when we see couples expressing their pain we know that they are READY TO HEAL!

"Be The Change You Want to See in the World" - Gandhi

I want to be clear... Vanessa and I do not claim to be GURUS or even experts, we just have the experience of having been through so much trauma and come out the other side healed that we feel a tremendous desire to help other couples experience the same unconditional love and deep intimacy in partnership that we are experiencing (and it literally gets better EVERY DAY! ) 

I'm not exaggerating, when you start to apply our simple (notice I said simple... not easy) techniques to your life on a daily basis you will see daily transformation, experience more JOY, more GRATITUDE & more LOVE! 

Your "emotional cup" will be filled and you will then radiate love and joy out to everyone around you... literally inspiring your social circles to HEAL as well!  We believe this is what Jesus, the Buddha, Gandhi and other great teachers throughout time have wanted humanity to understand! 

THAT is how "Sovereign Lovers" change the world!

Are YOU in Relationship Hell?

Or maybe just purgatory? Can you relate to any of the negative patterns we experienced? 

  • Do you feel LOST in your relationship?

  • Are you struggling with ADDICTIONS to negative emotions, substances or even drama?

  • Do you LOVE your partner but are FRUSTRATED about how to make it work?

  • ​Are you and your partner FIGHTING constantly?

  • ​Do you feel like your partner DOESN'T UNDERSTAND you?

Are YOU ready to HEAL your relationship?

Vanessa and I offer a FREE, no-obligation exploratory session to talk about your relationship challenges and develop a strategy of healing. Tell us a little bit more about yourself below and we will contact you to schedule your free exploratory session.

Apply To Work With Us
Which substances have you experienced?
Coaching Application

Psychedelic Relationship Coaching FAQ

What is Psychedelic Relationship Coaching?
Psychedelic Relationship Coaching is a form of coaching that combines integration techniques usually associated with psychedelic assisted therapy and applies them to help you achieve your relationship goals. It is the goal of Vanessa and I to help you find greater Joy, Gratitude and Love in your relationships (all of them, not just with your romantic partners.) We will help you set relationship goals, understand your relationship from an expanded perspective, increase your intimacy and take your relationship to the next level.

If one partner is not open to relationship coaching we can work with the willing partner to learn how to set boundaries, express themselves vulnerably, resolve conflicts and create a deeper connection with their partner. In our experience when one partner "does the work" this can inspire the unwilling partner to take an active role in improving the relationship. 


We also work with singles who have a history of troubled relationships and are looking to prepare themselves for finding love in a long term relationship. 


Do we HAVE to take Psychedelic substances to be coached?

Absolutely NOT. Our techniques are powerful and effective whether you use psychedelic medicines or not. What you will learn through the coaching process are tools to work with your emotions that will help you harness them to create your best life. However, if you do use psychedelics we can help guide you through the integration process.


What is "psychedelic integration?"

Psychedelic integration is the process of taking epiphanies or insights gained during psychedelic experiences and applying them to your daily life, creating healthier thought patterns and habits. Integration is crucial to creating long lasting, transformational experiences (psychedelic or not) to inspire personal development. Integration, simply put is taking knowledge and embodying or living out that knowledge as wisdom.

Is coaching the same as "couples therapy?"

While relationship coaches and therapists may employ some of the same psychological and emotional tools to help their clients, relationship coaching tends to be more based on integrated experience (embodied knowledge or wisdom.) It certainly is in our case. Generally speaking therapists have been trained how to help people but may not have had the same experiences in life making it harder for them to empathize with their clients. Vanessa and I have experienced so much trauma and healed from it, we can help guide you on your healing journey as well.

Can a Relationship Coach Save my Relationship?

We certainly saved our own relationship but we cannot promise that we can save yours. In order for a relationship to be saved both partners must be willing to do the work to integrate their emotions and/or traumas and commit to unconditional love. While we can't guarantee that you and your partner will make and honor those commitments we can teach you the tools you need to be successful if and when you make the commitment to save your relationship.

Coaching FAQ
  • Lovers Coaching

    Every month
    3 month relationship coaching package.
    Valid for 3 months
    • 6 Teaching Sessions
    • 6 Integration Sessions (Alternating weeks)
    • Intimacy Building Homework Assignments
    • 2 Sacred Ceremonies
    • Aztec Birth Chart Readings for each partner.
Coaching Plan
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