One year ago, I was a divorced mother, home alone, terrified; with my three children, five dogs and high fever due to this brand-new “Covid-19.” I would spend the next week and a half battling the fever and remaining symptoms AND packing my entire 4-bedroom house, as I was forced  to move out on March 27th; or both of my RE transactions would collapse. When I say terrified... my will to live was neck and neck with my will to have enough packing tape!

We made it. We recovered, we moved out of our home filled with many cherished memories, despite the many demons of my awful marriage. We met this new home - and our four “new” family members - with the anxiety of transition; fully avoided in-person by my own family, due to the stigma of having just recovered from Covid. The kids all did very well. The six of them played basketball and football; they had Nerf gun wars late at night, and marathons of whole-house Fortnite and Among Us. They are pure, resilient, kind, funny, and loving. We are blessed with the best six children anyone could have (in our biased eyes, of course!).

Jeremy and I needed more help than just Nerf darts and 1 v 1 basketball tournaments. We were approached by his brother and sister-in-law, who could easily see through our constant arguments that our inner children were battling each other, both drowning in unresolved trauma and fear-driven ego; to consider a very different approach to handling our relationship woes. We spent a few months each trying to “win our side” of the continuing arguments - with or without their guidance; and then, in December, the world shifted. The break finally happened. We surrendered to Vanessa and Danny, desperate for their guidance, healing, support... desperate not to lose the love we have waited our whole lives for, but never could actually touch. The empathy, the patience, the reassurance, the wealth of research and knowledge; the unconditional LOVE they share... Vanessa and Danny are the reason that Jeremy and I are more in love now than anyone could ever have thought possible. They are the reason my lifetime of perpetual fear, co-dependency, operation in “fight-or-flight” mode, constant anxiety and depression, self-destruction and self-hatred... and a thousand other things are healing... HEALING!

After spending my entire life in pain; I am finding light. I am hearing the guidance of positive spirits in moments of meditation, and being lifted from my fear and all the negativity it breeds - almost immediately, now. I am free. I feel love and share love and create love. Jeremy and I are always working, grateful for the triggers that force us to address still-unhealed trauma; growing exhausted on the more difficult days, but also being overwhelmed with joy on the easier ones - which are most days, really. My life has become a safe place of peace and heaven on Earth.  We are doing the work, together. We are healing! We are feeling the most unbelievably fulfilling, delicious love that our souls were desperately craving from each other, all along.

Vanessa and Danny, you are children of God, you are the human presence of God, you are God; you are both providing the sacred tools we need to walk in His heavenly Kingdom - yet still here on Earth! We have only just begun this amazing journey; but we will continue to work our way into complete enlightenment and eternal love... All because of you two!! There are not words sufficient to express my gratitude - but I know you understand the depths of hell you’ve lifted me from, and the glory of this beautiful light of love. Thank you so much for everything you do ❤️

Lauren Herrera