Hello, we're Danny & Vanessa of Sovereign Love.

When Vanessa and I first got together we carried childhood traumas, unhealthy relationship patterns and addictions into our relationship. It was complete chaos!

We struggled for years and tried everything. We read a ton of relationship books, went to individual AND couples therapy. We just couldn't make any real progress until a friend suggested psychedelic healing.



And so can YOU!               

The unhealed parts of ourselves created addictions and blocks to intimacy that kept us from truly connecting. The result was years in a toxic relationship where we kept hurting each other with narcissism, gaslighting, jealousy, alcoholism, and even sex addiction.

After a few years, we hit a breaking point where we had to make a decision: either we were going to face these issues or go our separate ways.

We really loved each other and desired to stay together, so we tried EVERYTHING! Individual and couples therapy, we read every relationship book, listened to podcasts... you name it, we tried it.

We were searching desperately when we ran into one of my old friends who suggested we try psychedelics.

We had such profound healing experiences working with psychedelics that our relationship began to change "magically" virtually overnight.

Friends and family who had witnessed us at our worst saw such profound changes in us; and started coming to us when they were having relationship issues, asking for help, and with that, Sovereign Love was born.

We Are NOT Gurus...

we are simply sharing the trauma informed tools we learned on our healing journey with those who are struggling to develop deeper intimacy in their relationships.

Do you find yourself facing challenges in your relationship, feeling stuck in patterns that hinder true connection, consider seeking guidance to transform your love life?

Our journey has inspired us to offer our insights to others. We invite you to explore the transformative power of relationship coaching with Sovereign Love. Break free from destructive patterns, nurture intimacy, and rediscover the joy of connected partnerships. Invest in your relationship today because everyone deserves to experience the magic of lasting, fulfilling love.

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