Vanessa & Danny have been in a committed relationship for almost a decade. They have faced many challenges in the relationship including infidelity, addiction and co-dependency. They descended into a dark night of their relationship when they were faced with an important decision. Would they end their relationship or would they commit to healing themselves and their partnership?

With the foundation of unconditional love that remained rock solid they began to build a new relationship built on mindfulness, empathy and vulnerability. After many years of sitting with plant medicine teachers and practicing techniques like active listening without judgement, mirroring and vulnerability Vanessa & Danny are experiencing more love and joy in their lives.

Through their multi dimensional work they found greater connection with God, themselves and each other. Now they want to share with you how they went from toxic relationship to a joyful life commitment.

Vanessa & Danny are now offering several ways to learn from their struggles and triumphs including “Intuitive Relationship Readings”, “Sacred Ceremonies” and the Sovereign Lovestream Podcast.


Recently Vanessa & Danny were featured on NBC’s Today Show