Client Reviews

Shylo Bordeaux

Having Danny and Vanessa in my life has been such a blessing. They emanate love, empathy and compassion. My partner and I started having struggles early in our relationship and he recommended we seek help. I was very hesitant due to previous experiences with therapists and fear of being judged or criticized. I agreed to at least meet with them, and I am so grateful I did! I felt very at ease around them and the experience of sharing with them was very validating and non-judgmental. My Partner and I signed up for multiple sessions of relationship coaching. Danny and Vanessa’s support and insight through relationship coaching has been invaluable to me, and in my relationship. They create a safe space that makes sharing and working through the hard stuff possible. It is very easy to relate to them through their own struggles and growth. They are not just some therapist with a college degree and a set of tools they are told should work. They are real people with real life experience that have worked hard and are now able to help others with the tools they have used successfully themselves. I would highly recommend their services to both individuals and couples who want to be heard, have a safe space to share and want to experience growth in their life and or relationship.

Jonathan Kanders

I want to express my deep gratitude for the incredible resource that Sovereign Love's Psychedelics 101 has proven to be in my exploration of psychedelics. This platform has played an instrumental role in providing me with invaluable guidance, safety protocols, and a wealth of knowledge that has enriched my psychedelic experiences in ways I could never have imagined.

I often felt overwhelmed and unsure about incorporating psychedelics into my life. The comprehensive and user-friendly content on the site has not only demystified the world of psychedelics but has also empowered me to approach these substances with respect, intention, and a profound understanding of their potential benefits. I especially love learning about Danny and Vanessa's experiences.

Psychedelics 101 as an invaluable resource for anyone seeking guidance on their psychedelic journey. 

Jason Lilley

Psychedelics 101 is pure gold! I love how real Danny and Vanessa made the abundance of information given through their personal journey and the strong emphasis put on ceremony, somatic listening and integration harvests to create a powerful healing space.

Jessica Ann

I've interacted with Vanessa and Danny as individuals on a few occasions and found them to be kind, lovely people. But after attending an event they were hosting I saw them both in a different light. The way they were able to hold space, open to their own vulnerability and facilitate deep conversation while maintaining connection with each individual spoke to their power, humility and expansive reservoir of compassion.

I highly recommend their services to anyone who is interested in diving deeper into their own being and forging meaningful connection with like-minded folks.

Carla Mora

There are not enough words to describe this sacred and intentional couple. They radiate the essence of sovereignty, divinity, and empowerment such that you can't help but embody one or all
of that when they are interacting with you on any level. I am grateful to be blessed by so many of
their healing gifts.

They live life as a ceremony, it shows, and you can feel it when in "proper"
ceremony with them or in their company. I highly recommend Sovereign Love!

William Xu

Vanessa and Danny was awesome as experienced guides during my very potent sacred ceremony.

Attentive and empathetic, I felt an automatic trust, as if they were my long lost spiritual siblings.

Paul Pipitone

Vanessa & Danny, I would like to take a few minutes to describe how amazing my Sacred Ceremony experience with Sovereign Love was.  I like to think I am not only aware of my childhood wounds, but I also have insight on what caused them, yet couldn't heal.  I have been to many different therapists over the years but never got much out of them, I just felt stuck in my insight and awareness with no cure.  However, in the ceremony with the two of you I had huge break throughs'.  As I walked through life the past two weeks after our meeting.  Whenever I feel anxious, I ask myself why and then I find myself saying., “what am I scared of?”  The answer is nothing and the anxiety goes away.  I feel I should add that I didn't even know I was suffering from anxiety.  I didn't know that was a problem I even had.  I just knew I was uncomfortable a few times a day and didn't know why.            In this amazing experience the first wound I was shown was that I fear EVERYTHING and need to fear NOTHING!  I experienced what I can only describe as Neo (From the movie; The Matrix) learning Kung Fu in 5 seconds. I was taken on an hour journey, I was slowly shown what I thought I feared. Like seven short stories of what I thought I feared or feeling trapped.  As with everything else I thought I knew why, I was convinced I was figuring it all out on my own.    After that hour journey I was shown I was totally wrong about what I feared.  It wasn't one thing, it was was Anxiety, then in those three seconds I was shown nothing but like Neo, knew Kung Fu, I knew I had nothing to fear.  A thousand fears each with a story I don't remember, converted to the sentence " YOU DON'T FEAR THAT".   At the moment of this 3 to 5 second realization was the most amazing utopian feeling of love and unity with source.  There are just no words to describe it! It is a feeling that just needs to be experienced!  It's like an awakening ... Feeling free to be me, my true self not the man I was told I should be.          This experience(one session) has changed my life.  To say I am excited is an understatement!!!   I feel everyone should take at least one treatment in their lifetime just to experience your thoughts without a filter.  I was truthfully scared to try this therapy; fear I wouldn't be in control.  The truth is I felt fully in control, and it didn't feel like a high.  I felt completely relaxed and in control.  I am just so glad I didn't let fear keep me from this experience,  I have never felt more in control of my life than I do right now....I can only thank the two of you for this.    Update: 1 month after this ceremony I had a heart attack and flatlined for several minutes. There were so many miracles that happened the night of my heart attack, from unexpectedly being a few blocks from the top Cardiology hospital in NJ to the fact that I had 100% blockage in my “widow maker” artery with only a 10% chance of survival. 

While I was in Surgury for hours , the doctors desperately trying to install a Stent to open up my artery, I could hear the hopelessness in their voices, I was dying and in pain with no anesthesia. I looked at the CAT machine and a voice said “you are one with the machine, you are one with the doctors, you are one with nurses …ding ding ding you have nothing to fear.” In that moment all of the pain went away and I just continued to pray with no fear and no pain. I was saying I am ready to die if thats your will .... I was at peace and had NO Fear!!. When they finally succeeded at putting in the stent the doctors and nurses all cheered! That’s how tense the room was. The doctors keep telling me I was a miracle, that if it weren’t for a bunch of “coincidences” I would not have survived. After that ceremony I feel like I was so much more connected to God that I was able to hear my intuition clearly, those coincidences were actually me following my intuition. I truly believe that the peace and connection I feel now prepared me for my heart attack. I wasn’t afraid so I was able to stay calm which I think was crucial to my survival. I thank Vanessa and Danny for this… for introducing me to the powerful medicine. I love the two of you so much! Everything happens for a reason!

Cheryl Miller

Danny and Vanessa are AMAZING!!! I've watched their podcast for years and have learned a lot about the opposite sex in general, healing techniques and insights for myself and relationships. Helping me to see the others perspective with more neutrality and compassion. The work/gift this couple has to share with the collective is so needed right now. They provide a real, approachable and casual setting, different from the mainstream doctor professional setting. It's like talking to friends. And awesome to have mentors of both the masculine and feminine working together. If you are ready to go DEEP on a journey to heal and find your bliss, this is your couple! Also, it has been through Danny and Vanessa I connected with other amazing beings that have continued my expansion of consciousness, opening new portals and experiences for me in this life which led me back to Vanessa for Aztec readings and artwork. Everything has gone, and is, full circle, filled with sychronicities and MAGIC. Which started here. YES. YES. YES.  

Faith Callahan

I had my Aztec chart done by Vanessa and all I can say is “holy confirmation”! She really nailed it and she explained everything so well. I usually get so nervous with video calls but she just put me right at ease. She is kind, empathetic and SO knowledgeable. I highly recommend! Thank you so
much Vanessa